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I, Eugene Kruger (Jnr), herewith announce with great excitement and a thin lining of nervousness the beginning of a new era in my life.
As time flies and age is catching up with both Eugene Krugers it became time for me to move into my own direction. I will, however, not abandon Eugene Kruger & Kie entirely as we will act as correspondent for each other in various matters. I will retain all files I have worked with under Eugene Kruger & Kie for the time being.
As an employee of Eugene Kruger Attorneys since 1 January 2004 and co-director later, it was a great honor, privilege and pleasure to work with my dad and mentor, Eugene Kruger Snr. The experiences and knowledge I have gained would never have meant as much if it came from another source and out of another context.
Please take note that I will focus most of my energy on the following fields of LAW:
Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Law and Commercial Law.